Chef Sara Lauto has had a passion for cooking since her early days in the kitchen, "I remember cooking with my family and it always bringing us closer together". Sara completed her culinary training at Fort Lauderdale Art Institute and got her restaurant experience working for 32 East, a locally respected, innovative high end dining experience.


It wasn't until she combined her love for food and fitness that Meal Prep Chef was born. Offering seasonal, fresh food, MPC is an ever evolving source for healthy eating and portion control. 

And who doesn't like not having to do the dishes!

When is the weekly menu sent out?

Every Monday.

How much do you charge per meal?

Each meal is $10, including tax and the price of delivery.

What days do you deliver?

Delivery can be scheduled Fridays after 11am and all day Saturday.

When does my order need to be in each week?

Food orders must be in by Wednesday night.

Can the containers go in the microwave?

Yes, the containers are microwave safe.

Can the meals be frozen?

Yes, the meals can be frozen for up to 3 weeks.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

No, all orders will be delivered, there is no minimum.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes, each week one menu item is either vegan or vegetarian. Substitutions can be made to meals as well.

Are the calories listed?

Yes, each meal has the approximate calories listed on the menu.

Do you have low or no carb options for someone trying to lose weight or cut out carbs?

Yes, substitutions can be made for all diet types.

Do you use a lot of salt in your meal plan?

Each week is a new menu, minimal salt is used. Fresh herbs and citrus are used to add flavor to my meals.


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